The Resilience Advantage(TM) HeartMath® Tools for Life

The Resilience Advantage(TM) HeartMath® Tools for Life

Mondays | February 5-26 | 7 – 8:30 PM

Is your personal guide to building your resilience to gain more balance, ease, fulfillment and effectiveness in your life? HeartMath is a company dedicated to transforming stress, creating better health and resilience. HeartMath is also a system of stress-intervention techniques, methods and technology all underpinned by scientific research. You can quickly master the HeartMath techniques and technology to REDUCE STRESS NOW. And you can rapidly learn to SUSTAIN the feeling and numerous health benefits of less stress in your life.

Some valuable outcomes:

  • Discover how building RESILIENCE can recharge your “inner battery” to gain a greater sense of aliveness throughout the day.
  • Identify WHAT BLOCKS YOU from the life you want to live, your personal dreams, mission and goals, so you can free yourself.
  • Learn about the AMAZING INTERACTION OF YOUR HEART, BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM, the basis of the HeartMath System.
  • Learn to easily ACCESS COHERENCE–“The Zone” for achieving physical, mental and emotional balance and highest potential.
  • Learn PERCEPTION SHIFT and Reset to expand perspective, understand possibilities while enhancing mental acuity and problem solving skills.

$100 for the 4 week class includes the workbook

Facilitated by Lynne Jensen 
Lynne Jensen is a certified Coach and Professional Trainer with the HeartMath® system. She was a school education teacher for 33 years and has experience working with both adults and children. She has been married to Glenn for more than 40 years, and they have two grown children, both raised in Unity. Inspired and informed by her personal journey of healing old emotional pain, Lynne understands how major life events, work pressures and communication challenges can cause us to lose focus. Lynne knows the HeartMath system works. Using these simple tools every day has brought her to new levels of maturity and self-confidence. Lynne is excited to bring it to Unity Minneapolis.

Contact information:
Lynne Jensen, MA
Balanced Life Solutions, LLC
763-545-7357 |