Remembrance Service 2017

Monday | December 4 | 7 PM

candleOn this evening, we honor those who have gone before us. It is often difficult to be without loved ones at Christmas, and so we pause and remember them. We know that nothing can separate us from each other, not even death.

Join Rev. Pat Williamson and Rev. Jeanette Byington for this touching and uplifting ceremony of remembering that offers us the comfort of holding loved ones close in heart, as we light candles, sing songs and share stories.

You are welcome to bring a picture or an object that is meaningful to you that will be placed on a special table on the platform during the service. You are also invited to give your loved one’s name to the church office so we can include it in the list of names we will read. If you cannot attend and would like your loved one’s name read aloud, please add it to the list in the Garden Court or contact the church
office so we can include it.