Physics of Communication

Six-Week Class | Mondays | April 30 – June 11 (no class May 28) | 7-9 PM
$60 suggested love offering

Note: The workshop is an introductory version of the class. Participants can take the workshop by itself. They can also take the class without taking the workshop.

The Physics of Communication goes beyond body language and “I” versus “You” statements. It’s not a communication theory, but a practical experiential approach to better communication. This fun, hands on class will explore elements of both public speaking and interpersonal communication and is a great introduction to The Physics of Communication.

Some of the topics that The Physics of Communication will cover:

  • The reason why it ALWAYS takes at least two people to have an argument.
  • How words are the most AND least important elements of communication.

Activities that will demonstrate why the strategy of “ignore them and they’ll go away” often doesn’t work, how “listening to understand” differs from “listening to respond,” and how our biases (filters) influence the effectiveness of our communication.

Facilitated by David Lind
David Lind is the Youth Music Coordinator at Unity Minneapolis. He has a Master of Arts in Speech/Theatre and has taught acting, public speaking, and interpersonal communication for over 25 years. David is on the Autistic Spectrum and developed The Physics of Communication in an effort to better understand how communication works. He has incorporated aspects of public speaking, interpersonal communication, group theory, energy work, and the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique.