Minister’s Book Group: “The World’s Religions”

Minister’s Book Group: “The World’s Religions”

Thursdays | March 7-28 | 10:30 AM – 12 PM

Come and let us explore some of the religions of the world using Huston’s Smith’s “The World’s Religions” as our main text book.

We will explore at a deeper level the Sunday morning experience. We will look at Christianity, Buddhism, the Primal Religions, Islam, and Judaism. We will also look at the similarities in relationship to Unity.

Reading assignments (If you have not read, come to class anyway):

Week One: March 7, 2019
Point of Departure page 1-11
Christianity page 317-364

Week Two: March 14, 2019
Buddhism 82-152

Week Three: March 21, 2019
Primal Religions 365-383  
Plus I will have handouts on the Mayan Religion

Week Four: March 28, 2019
Islam:  221-270

Week Five: April 4, 2019
Judaism: 271- 316

$10 suggested love offering

Facilitated by Rev Pat Williamson