“It’s All Perspective”: Adult Day Rally Hosted by Y.O.U.

“It’s All Perspective”: Adult Day Rally Hosted by Y.O.U.

Saturday | April 21 | 10 AM – 4 PM

Curious about what happens at Unity youth retreats and rallies? Our Y.O.U. teens are creating an adult day rally for Unity Minneapolis congregants. This full day spiritual retreat includes large and small group activities, prayer, meditation, Joy Songs, and truth talks. $10 donation with lunch provided; pre-registration required by April 15.

Hear from past Day Rally participants:

I was amazed by all the hard work of the YOUers and their sponsors. I am so grateful that my son has grown up in Unity with opportunities to experience rallies several times a year. I always saw the end result of the rallies, but I now understand why they are so important. I still remember all the people who were in my family. We still have a “special bond” every time we see each other at church.

My inner teen wanted to know what the YOUers were up to so I went.  And… it was a wonderful day.  It opened me up in many ways. I learned, was affirmed and connected with Spirit and this community in a deeper way.  I also confirmed that the YOUers are amazing and it expanded my awareness of the gift of our Youth program.