Healing Veterans Meditation with Theta Healing

Healing Veterans Meditation with Theta Healing

Wednesday | November 15 | 7 – 9:15 PM

This is a healing meditation that will include:

  • Releasing the vibration of battle and war from your energy field
  • Releasing traumas of military service
  • Healing for disconnection, PTSD and emotional triggers
  • Releasing guilt and self-judgment about fears
  • Releasing survivor’s guilt
  • Experiencing the healing vibration of Peace for inner healing and calm
  • An opportunity for attendees to participate in sending healing energy
    to a piece of land that has experienced war
  • Opening and ending prayer

Offered for free by Miracles For Peace

Facilitated by Nancy Hyvarinen
Nancy Hyvarinen has been an Alternative Health Practitioner, speaker and instructor for 25 years.