Enlightened Leadership: “A Call to Leadership & Stewardship”

Enlightened Leadership: “A Call to Leadership & Stewardship”

Saturday | May 20 | 10 AM – 12 PM

During this third workshop of the 2017 Enlightened Leaders Program, Rev. Patty Williams, with the support of our Leadership Advisory team, will facilitate a discussion of Gregg Levoy’s webinar.

Rev. Patty Williams

Come explore your call to be of service!

Gregg Levoy

Author and speaker Gregg Levoy knows a major challenge of leadership is understanding and activating the deep motivations in other people—their callings, their sense of passion and mission, what they most want to achieve and contribute. He helps leaders articulate and clarify their own call as leaders and more deeply understand leadership from the inside out. He reminds us that people who operate from these deep motivations work with great enthusiasm and dedication and don’t need a lot of managing. In this course, Gregg will help us ignite our own and others callings into leadership and sacred service. For knowing oneself is as crucial to good leadership and stewardship as knowing one’s congregants and one’s craft.

Open to anyone interested in developing their own leadership skills.