Anger and Forgiveness

Saturday | January 12 | 1-5 PM

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.

In this workshop, we will focus in first on getting in touch with angry feelings you might not have realized still live in you. Then, each of you will have an opportunity to practice expressing these feelings – safely and appropriately.

The other part of the workshop will be devoted to fully and freely forgiving
yourself and anyone from your past whom you still hold as guilty.

“I will not suppress my anger. I consider this the most important step in
forgiveness, for how can I forgive someone I never felt safe to blame.”
Dr. Todd Davis, Psychiatrist and student of A Course In Miracles

$40 suggested love offering

Facilitated by Rev. Phil Smedstad

Rev. Phil has led hundreds of workshops on all aspects of
transformation. He brings to each one a great deal of
compassion, a sense of humor, and a personal experience of everything he teaches.